About Wine Run


Wine Run is a unique race in Europe, at a depth of 100 meters in the wine cellars of Cricova, on distance of 10 km, Republic of Moldova.

One of the remarkable sights of Moldova, attracting both locals and foreign tourists are wine cellars in Cricova. This is a real underground city, with streets and lanes, with a total length of about 120 km.

More than 50 people have gathered at the run of January 25, 2015 in Cricova.


The competition is held to promote running in Chisinau, healthy lifestyle, as well as revealing the strongest sportsmen among professionals and amateurs.

The competition will be held on January 29, 2017.

Joint start is at 10:00

All amateur and professional sportsmen, wishing to participate in the race, are welcome with prior registration online www.winerun.md


The winners and awardees in each age group shall be determined by the time of arrival at the finish line. The top three finishers are awarded (male and female).

For the participation in the competition, runners are offered two types of participation packages:

  • standard pack (includes a medal, a backpack, the official T-shirt, mulled wine by Cricova factory at the finish)

standard package + wine tasting and dinner

Price for Standard Package

  • For the citizens of the Republic of Moldova – 500 lei
  • For the foreign citizens – 100 euro

Price for Standard Package + tasting

  • For the citizens of the Republic of Moldova – 1000 lei
  • For the foreign citizens – 123 euro

Competition winners and prize-awardees in the race Wine Run are awarded with medals and certificates, as well as prizes from sponsors.

Participation in the race is open to all in the presence of a flashlight and sports outfit. Sport health insurance (recommended for foreign citizens). Competitors must be familiar with these Regulations.


How Wine Run was held in 2015 you can read here and here.