Attention! The number of participants in the Wine Run race is limited!


Only now you have the opportunity to join the race in the wine cellars Cricova “Wine Run”. The event will be open to just 200 people. Hurry to register for the long-awaited event of 2016 right now to run through the wine lanes of Cricova.

Wine Run is the only race in Europe at a depth of 100 meters in the wine cellars of Cricova, with a distance of 10 km.

Competitions will be held January 31, 2016. General start is at 10:00.

All interested sportsmen both amateurs and professionals can participate in the race Wine Run 2016 in the obligatory presence of a flashlight and sports uniform. Sport health insurance (recommended for foreigners).

Winners and awardees of the competition in the Wine Run race will be awarded with medals and certificates, as well as prizes from sponsors.

Carefully read the rules of the event and other details on the website:

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