Let’s remember the race Cricova Wine Run 2016

January 31, 2016 in Moldova was held the Wine Run – a unique race across the wine cellars, which has no analogues in the world. The competition took place at a depth of 100 meters. Athletes ran 10 kilometers through the tunnels of the wine cellars.

In total, the event was attended by 200 runners. Participants of the race came from 10 countries: USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and even Angola.

dsc8959The winner of the first race among men became Sporter Run coach Liviu Croitoru, who ran the distance in 30 minutes and 4 seconds. The fastest among the 50 participants was Natalia Clipca, who ran the distance in 33 minutes and 17.5 seconds.

_DSC9152We remind you that in January 29, 2017 the race across the wine cellars of Cricova will take place in real traditions of Moldova, where the participants will be able to enjoy the delicious local food and wine. The athletes will be running under the sounds of folk music and national dances.

dsc9065In the upcoming race, the organizers have increased the number of participants, and the second race will be able to comprise 300 people, both amateurs and professionals, who have pre-registered and paid for participation in the Cricova Wine Run on the website www.winerun.md.