Riedel Сompany, the new partner of the race, awards the winners with crystal glasses

Bridal_Ads_Final-2Each wine has a unique composition, nature of color and flavor. Riedel thinks that glass is the perfect tool to express a wine message. Therefore, the best of the best will be presented with crystal glasses from the manufacturer №1 in the world – Riedel Company.

Through research and consultation with renowned tasters, Riedel combines in a perfect harmony with the wine glass. Each “tool” is specially designed to direct the flow of wine to the tongue zone that brings out the best qualities of wines. This thin crystal will turn a drop of wine into a symphony.

Top runners will enjoy the professional crystal glass, having received one of the sets as a gift.

The official representative in Moldova of the wine glasses manufacturer Riedel is the first wine room in Chisinau that offers an exclusive selection of wines from Moldova and other countries Carpe Diem – Wine Shop & Bar.

The wine room Carpe Diem possesses about 160 wines from the Old and New Worlds, and in the bar you can savor 20 to 25 local wines by the glass. Wine is served in the best glasses by the manufacturer №1 in the world “Riedel”, at the right temperature and in a pleasant atmosphere.

To find out more about the Riedel glasses, visit the official website of the company – riedel.com

If you desire to meet the first wine bar in Chisinau Carpe Diem, please visit wineshop.md.

We remind you that the race across the wine cellars of Cricova will be held on January 31, 2016, with a distance of 10 km at a depth of 100 m below ground. To register for the Wine Run, please visit www.winerun.md.