The best gift for the New Year is the participation in the unique race Cricova Wine Run

wine_run_certificat_cadou_front_1000x500In the eve of the New Year many are thinking about a gift for the relatives, friends and for oneself. To choose the appropriate gift it is not so easy. But we know what can suit you – the participation in the unique run race “Cricova Wine Run” which will take place in the wine underground of Cricova.

The run competition will be held at the 100 meters depth underground with a 10 km distance through the historical place where the sportsmen will have the opportunity to enjoy national dishes and the most delicious wine. They will run under the sounds of folk music and national dances.

The visit of Cricova give the opportunity to go through one of the most captivating wine stories fascinating the imagination with legends about these places and the best wine traditions of this ancient and sunny land.

The best gift for a close person will be a “Gift certificate for participation in the Cricova Wine Run”.

You can get the ”Certificate” on the phone number: 079996953 – Mariana Manole, Project Manager.

Hurry up, the amount is limited!

“Cricova Wine Run” will take place on the 29th of January, in the race will have the opportunity to participate 300 participants, amateurs and professionals, who have been registered and paid in advance for their participation in the Cricova Wine Run via the website

The start will be given on the parking area at the entrance of the Cricova wine cellars. Beginning the Wine Road which is included in the national wine route you may turn on the Chardonnay Street, followed by Cabernet Street, and then go for a run along the avenue Codru, Dionysus or Feteasca. After all this you may feel dizzy because of all this fresh labyrinths a part of this real wine kingdom.

The sportsmen will get the start pack which will include:

– A T-shirt with the symbols of Wine Run 2017;

– Start number with an integrated electronic chip. Make sure to attach it according to the requirement;

–  A fact sheet;

– Respiratory mask which might be used on certain sections of the route;

– Commemorative bottle of Moldovan wine from the Winery of Cricova.

At the finish line everyone will be rewarded with an original medal of Cricova Wine Run 2017.


Perfect gift for the New Year!