The Cricova Wine Run is one of a kind

dsc9041The 10 kilometers race of Cricova wine cellars, first time occurred in 2016, in Moldova, at 100 meters depth underground. The Cricova Wine Run race is one of a kind.

_DSC9382There are wine races on grape fields in other countries, but only in Moldova was organized a run competition on the one of the largest wine cellars of Europe. Cricova is one of the landmarks of Moldova, which attracts not only native habitants but also tourists from abroad. It is a real underground town with streets and lanes, of an approximately 120 km area.

entrance-e1447682013203The race is organized to popularize the run in Chisinau city, the healthy lifestyle, but also to identify the strongest sportsmen between the professionals and amateurs.

First time, the official race occurred in January of 2016, 200 runners from 10 countries took part in it: Moldova, USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and even from Angola.

dsc8959On the 29th of January, 2017, the 10 kilometers race of Cricova wine cellars – Cricova Wine Run, will take place the second time. The organizers have increased the number of participants in the upcoming race, and in the second race, will have the opportunity to take part  – 300 participants, amateurs and professionals who have registered and paid in advance for their participation in the Cricova Wine Run via website

12657428_1654783261442089_2289758804243405247_oThe Cricova wine cellars race will occur in the real Moldavian tradition, where the runners will have the opportunity to enjoy national dishes and the most delicious wine. The sportsmen will run under the sounds of folk music and national dances.

dsc9740All those who will reach the finish, will get memorial medals, and the winners and prize-winners of the run competition Cricova Wine Run will be awarded with diplomas and prizes from sponsors.