The final meeting was held with the volunteers of the Wine Run race

IMG_0557On January 27, the final meeting was held with the volunteers, who will assist in the conduction of the unique race across the wine cellars of Cricova, which will be held on January 31, 2016.

The meeting was attended by about 60 volunteers, whom the organizers of the Wine Run, Mariana Manole and Alexander Mechin, told about all the details of the race through the underground wine city.

IMG_0558The following areas and responsibilities of volunteers were discussed at the meeting:

  • – registration area, distribution of starter packs
  • – start and finish area
  • – area of dining and mulled wine serving
  • – allocation of responsibilities
  • – surprizes for participants and other details of the race conduction

IMG_0562All volunteers will receive well-deserved diplomas at the end of the race.

We remind you that the race will be held on January 31, general start is at 10:00.

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