The second day of the starter packs distribution is successfully completed

IMG_0902January 30 was the second day of the starter packs distribution to participants of the race across the wine cellars of Cricova “Wine Run”.

Run  Handout of start pacts was carried out in the Cricova company store. Each participant did not just get a starter pack, he also had the opportunity to talk about the race in a friendly Sporter company, charge with positive emotions and inspiration in anticipation of the Wine Run.

IMG_0939Following the distribution of the last starter pack, a traditional Pasta Party was held in Oliva restaurant! Find out more about the pasta party here.

Sporter Team thanks Cricova store for the cooperation!

IMG_1047On Sunday, January 31, buses will be organized for you that will take all participants to the place of start in the wine cellars of Cricova.

Meeting Place: Chisinau Circus (Riscani).

Meeting time – 8:00

Detailed SCHEDULE.

Photo report