“Wine Run” – a unique race in Moldova through Cricova wine cellars


One of the remarkable sights of Moldova, attracting both locals and foreign tourists are wine cellars in Cricova. This is a real underground city, with streets and lanes, with a total length of about 120 km. Ideal conditions for the storage of wine are created in the cellars. And the names of the streets appropriate – “Chardonnay”, “Sauvignon”, “Champagne”…


And here, Sporter.md and the running club Sporter Run, the athletes of which have ran through and along Chisinau and surroundings, came up with an idea: why not run through the underground kingdom of wine. Said and done! Fortunately, the management of Cricova Cellars responded enthusiastically to the idea, and it was decided to organize a small trial race with a limited number of participants.


The race attracted a lot of interest and the registration had to be closed, when it barely begun – such a huge was the influx of people, wishing to join the race. As a result, more than 50 people have gathered at the run of January 25, 2015 in Cricova.

Participants met near the Chisinau Circus, from where a bus was arranged for them, and headed to the place of destination.


Traditional and mandatory warm-up, and then – the race begins.


For the first time the route went through the territory, which is open to the public. There was, however, a very interesting site, the so called Underground. This is the area, where the limestone is mined, there is almost no lighting. “Do not worry. If you fall behind and lose your way, we’ll get you next year”, – the organizers were joking. Everyone laughed, but for a reason no one wanted be left behind.


The total distance was 7 km. In the future, we plan to significantly expand the route, and hold a marathon in Cricova cellars, why not?


The participants reached the finish line happy, but the distance was clearly not enough for many sportsmen, they wanted to run more and more. And though the race had more of a fan and not competitive character, the first finisher was awarded with a nice bonus from the company Cricova – 5-liter bottle of champagne.


And for all the participants – water, bananas and a glass of mulled wine for getting warm.

This is what an interesting and unusual tour was held by Sporter.md and Sporter Run.


The next race in the Cricova cellars will be a massive and international event, so stay tuned and see you soon!

Photo report